The gentle and safe way to get rid of tattoos

Are you considering tattoo removal with laser? Our medical specialists are expert laser therapists and treat tattoos with the Q-switched Nd-YAG- and the Q-switched KTP lasers. During this treatment, the tattoo ink in the skin is destroyed without damaging the surface of the skin. With each treatment, the tattoos become increasingly paler until they finally disappear completely.

Non-professional tattoos are often removed after one to two sessions, while professionally inked tattoos require significantly more laser sessions. Black ink tattoos can be reliably removed while other colours have a higher degree of difficulty. Unfortunately, our technology (still) does not allow us to successfully treat white or very light green tones.

We create an individual treatment concept that is right for you, according to your requirements and following a preliminary examination and a personal consultation. Please contact us to make an appointment.

The treatment costs will be calculated individually according to the current fee scale for medical practitioners in Germany (GOÄ) and presented to you in a previous treatment agreement. Both statutory and private health insurance policies generally do not cover these costs.