Spider veins – tiny red or blue veins on the legs – and varicose veins can be gently, painlessly and permanently eliminated with sclerotherapy.
The procedure: The tiny blood vessels are carefully pricked with a very fine needle and tiny amounts of a sclerosing agent are injected into them with gently applied pressure. Frequently, only one prick of the needle is required for an entire capillary loop. The sclerosing agent causes a local inflammation, which allows the blood to clot, ultimately causing the tiny blood vessel to completely decompose.

The result: This process generally takes 4-6 weeks. The skin’s surface usually remains undamaged during this treatment. If the spider veins don’t completely disappear, the treatment can be repeated, possibly using a higher dosage of the sclerosing agent.

Prior to treatment, we conduct an examination of the leg area and a personal consultation that considers your individual needs, to create a suitable treatment plan. Please contact us to request an appointment.

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