Botox® (botulinium toxin)

Smoothes wrinkles effectively

Botox® is the name of the medication containing the active substance botulinum toxin type A. This active substance is a biologically generated protein of the clostridium botulinum bacteria and has been successfully used for medical treatments since the 1980s. In recent years, Botox® has been used to reduce wrinkles. Other therapeutic applications include excessive perspiration and migraine headaches.

The specialists at DERMATOLOGIE des WESTENS are experts for the accurate and pain-free injection of Botox® in those muscles that form wrinkles when contracted too severely. The injected medication blocks a messenger substance, which tells the muscle that it should contract. As a result, the treated facial muscles relax. Previously existing wrinkles are smoothed for a period of three to seven months. The most popular areas of application are to counteract frown lines, furrows above the brow, lines around the eyes and drooping at the corners of the mouth.  Botox® is the most effective substance against lines caused by facial expressions. It is gentle, safe and free of side effects. It maintains your natural appearance. Only a few pricks with the needle are necessary for you to look naturally young and fresh again.

The therapy to counteract excessive perspiration is effected by blocking the sweat glands. The effect lasts up to seven months.

For our treatments we use certified products manufactured by global market leaders: Botox®, Azzalure®, Dysport®, Vistabel®

Treatment Procedure

Botox® treatments at DERMATOLOGIE des WESTENS are out-patient treatments and practically painless. They produce predictable results that are visible within two weeks after receiving treatment. Patients do not experience downtimes. They can immediately go about their daily activities. 

Ablauf Ablauf
The substance is injected into the treatment area with a fine needle.

Downtime: Downtime:

Anaesthesia: Anaesthesia:
Not necessary

Effective period: Effective period:
ca. 4 –6 months