Peelings and microdermabrasion

A team of experienced medical cosmeticians awaits you at Dermatologie des Westens. Cosmetic treatments are performed in the pleasant atmosphere of the practice, right down the hall from your doctor’s office.

Classical manual therapy removes blemishes and relieves inflammations. Chemical peeling and “microdermabrasion” accelerates skin regeneration and banishes unsightly spots, pigmentations and acne scars. Skin care products and micronutrients have a calming effect on the skin, purify and promote regeneration.

Our highly-trained cosmetic team provides you with individual care and cooperates with you and the treating physician to create your treatment plan for a speedy recovery and a glowing complexion.

We work exclusively with high-quality brand-name products from leading manufacturers. We primarily use the acne therapy products from Ästhetico® and Skinceuticals®.

Acne Treatment 60 min:

(cleansing, vaporisation, intensive deep-cleaning, firming tonic, mask, care product)

Cost for treatment: from € 65.00

Deluxe Acne Treatment 90 min:

(cleansing, microdermabrasion, vaporisation, intensive deep-cleaning, firming tonic, ampoule, ultrasonic, mask, care product)

Cost for treatment: from € 120.00

Fruit Acid Treatment/Chemical Peelings 30 min:

(deep-cleaning, degreasing, fruit acid, neutralisation, cool-pack, follow-up care)

Cost for treatment: from € 66.00

The actual fee will be calculated individually according to the current fee scale for medical practitioners in Germany (GOÄ) and depends on actual effort required.