“Just a little bit red”

Are you tired of hearing when people comment on the “healthy” colour of your face and have you come to the conclusion that your blemishes are no longer a sign of eternal youth?

You are probably suffering from a type of rosacea, also known as couperose . This inflammatory skin disease often looks like adolescent acne. Only the correct diagnosis leads to proper treatment and permanent improvement.

The experienced specialists at Dermatologie des Westens are experts in treating this chronic disease. Treatment frequently begins with cream medication (rosacea cream) and/or pills. In the mid- and long-term, special medical-cosmetic treatments and a change in diet often make sense. Our specially trained and experienced medical cosmetician will support you in all relevant concerns. Even redness that has existed for years and visibly enlarged facial blood vessels magically disappear when treated with modern lasers.

Most of the abovementioned treatments are not covered by public health insurance plans.  Additional out of pocket costs will usually apply for optimal treatment.