Anti-ageing through natural production of new collagen

With age, our skin gradually loses its resilience and vitality. This is caused by external influences like UV rays, stress and nicotine as well as internal factors, which include the natural ageing process and genetic predisposition. Natural collagen production decreases. The supporting, elastic fibre net of our connective tissue is subject to tearing, muscle and bone structures change, sagging occurs in the skin. Fatty deposits are repositioned and wander toward the lower half of the face due to gravitational force. The facial proportions change and the once clear, youthfully taut contours become blurred.

Using Sculptra®, this situation is remedied gradually and efficiently. The poly-L lactic acid is injected under the skin and stimulates the production of new collagen. Treatment involves a minimum of three sessions in four-week intervals.  Lost volume is restored and the signs of facial ageing are sustainably corrected. The result lasts for a minimum of two up to four years, after which it is slowly resorbed.

Sculptra® improves the elasticity and density of the tissue and returns the skin to its former firmness. This natural method will bring back your fresh, glowing complexion. Excellent results can also be achieved with the treatment of deep lines in the décolleté area.