Fat-dissolving injection (injection lipolysis)

It really works: small fatty deposits, like double chin, saddle bags or love handles, can be reduced or eliminated by injecting special active substances.

A preparation based on soy beans destroys the membranes of the fat cells, literally melting them away. The remaining oils and cell walls that are thereby released are subsequently decomposed by the body’s metabolic processes. The skin itself is not affected by the deterioration of the cells and generally adapts nicely to the new contours of the body.

There are no known major side effects, but the occurrence of swelling, redness, possible bruising and stiffness or soreness of the muscles can be expected. Schedule a consultation appointment to learn more.

PRP vampire lift


Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for skin rejuvenation

The options in the field of aesthetic skin treatment are becoming increasingly diverse. A relatively new and even chemical-free possibility is the so-called vampire lift, namely the application of PRP (platelet-rich plasma).

In this treatment method, blood taken from your vein is centrifuged and thrombocyte-enriched plasma is extracted within a sterile system for reintroduction as a subcutaneous injection. The treatment is generally carried out without the addition of any chemical additives and is therefore extremely low-risk.

Thrombocytes have a high volume of various growth factors. By means of physiological thrombocyte activation, these are released and have a tissue-regenerating effect. The fibroblasts in the tissue are stimulated and the production of elastin and collagen are activated. The production of hyaluronic acid increases, which binds an increasing amount of water and moisture. In addition, their own mesenchymal stem cells are attracted, which additionally accelerate the natural process of tissue generation and collagen development.

The result is an improved skin texture with revitalised skin. The effects last for up to 2 years. In the case of hair loss (effluvium), PRP frequently displays impressive results! Cell regeneration is stimulated at the hair root and has a positive effect on hair loss.

Treatment Procedure

At least three days (optimally 7 days) before beginning PRP therapy, you should not take any aspirin (ASS), Voltaren, Ibuprofen or similar painkillers or medication for rheumatism (NSAID), since they inhibit the blood platelets. Prior to therapy with PRP, blood is extracted and prepared in a special process. The objective is to separate the red blood cells from the blood plasma. In method similar to mesotherapy, it is then possible to directly inject PRP in pure form or enriched with medications, vitamins or trace elements into the scalp or the hair roots with ultrafine needles. Treatment takes about 45 minutes. A follow-up treatment with PRP stabilises and boosts the successful result.

Treatment duration Treatment duration
ca. 45 minutes

Downtime: Downtime:

Anaesthesia: Anaesthesia:
not necessary

Effective period: Effective period:
up to 2 years

RFM-radio frequency with microneedling


Innovative non-surgical treatment to soften wrinkles and firm skin

Many skin firming and rejuvenating procedures are painful and require extensive downtimes.

Fractionated radio frequency therapy, which uses fine microneedle electrodes, is a gentle and effective alternative. A new technology enables fine micro-electrodes to penetrate the skin and precisely deliver radio frequency energy to the deep dermal layer. As a result of the targeted thermal effect, collagen fibres are firmed and stimulated to enable continued collagen generation. Initial results are visible only a few days after treatment. The skin looks firm and rejuvenated. The new formation of resilient and rejuvenated collagen structures is stimulated for 3-6 months and continues to visibly and sustainably improve skin structure.

The depth and intensity of the treatments can be individually adapted to the treatment regions and your needs. Since the skin is treated in advance with an anaesthetic cream, the application is practically painless. There are no downtimes and you can immediately continue with your daily activities.

Radio frequency with microneedling is also a good alternative to surgical sweat gland suctioning. Using this method, unpleasant excessive underarm perspiration can be sustainably improved.

Procedure Procedure
Fine micro-electrodes penetrate the skin and send targeted radio frequency energy to the deep dermal layer.

Downtime: Downtime:

Anaesthesia: Anaesthesia:
The skin is prepared with anaesthetic cream.

Effective period: Effective period:
3-6 months with sustainable improvement of the skin structure

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic Acid

Volume enhancement for skin rejuvenation

A youthful looking face has rounded contours and high softly curved cheekbones, a clearly defined chin line and smooth curves that extend from the cheeks to the wings of the nose.
As we age, our body produces less natural hyaluronic acid. Facial volume fades. Our skin becomes drier and loses its resilience. The results are wrinkles beneath the eyes and in other parts of the face, along with sunken cheeks. In addition, the nasolabial folds and marionette lines become more prominent.

Previous treatment of decreased facial volume only involved the use of fillers. Our current treatments include the application of additional excellent products and techniques. Of particular mention here are the hyaluron preparations developed for an effect that lasts for up to twelve months and longer. They are applied in the deeper layers of the facial tissue and are even able to reach the underlying bone structures.

With this treatment, you can successfully fight the results of the ageing process. It is a completely natural way to make your skin look healthy and beautiful.

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Depending on the diagnosis, the following indications can be treated with specific filler products:

  • Nasolabial folds/marionette lines
  • Smoker’s lines
  • Pleating lines around the lips
  • Lip plumping/Volume enhancement of the lips
  • Deep wrinkles at the corner of the mouth and nasal wings
  • Volume enhancement on cheeks and chin
  • Earlobes
  • Therapy of rings around the eyes

Depending on the specific indication of the individual case, volume enhancement can be achieved with EMERVEL® (VOLU- ME®, DEEP®, LIPS®, TOUCH®) or JUVEDERM® (VOLUMA®, VOLIFT®, VOLBELLA®, ULTRA3® and ULTRA4®).

Treatment Procedure

The dermal filler is injected in the designated area with a fine needle or blunt cannula. The treatment is practically painless, since the products contain a local anaesthetic.
Patients do not have to plan any downtime. You can carry on with social events or professional responsibilities on the same day. Hyaluronic acid is naturally decomposed by the body. Depending on the product, the effect lasts for 8-18 months. We recommend a corresponding follow-up treatment in accordance with your desired results.

Procedure Procedure
The filler is injected into the treatment area with a fine needle or a blunt cannula.

Downtime: Downtime:

Anaesthesia: Anaesthesia:
Not necessary

Effective period: Effective period:
ca. 8 – 18 months

Eliminating lines on neck and décolleté

Damage due to exposure to the sun is most noticeably visible on the face, neck, décolleté and hands. In order to eliminate these signs of ageing, different types of hyaluron products can be combined. This can be supplemented with a laser treatment. For mimic lines, a combination with the additional use of botulinum (Botox®) can provide the desired results.

Skin booster for sagging skin

When we age, our skin loses its ability to retain moisture. The skin seems to slack. Special hyaluronic acid injections, injected across the surface of the skin and which combine a low-consistency active substance with good moisture retention capacity, present an ideal therapy.
For this treatment to have a long-lasting effect, it should be repeated after six weeks and again after six months.

Therapying dark circles below the eyes

Many of us already suffer from tired-looking eyes with dark circles around the eye area as early as our late thirties. These can be caused by natural changes to the bone structure of the skull, genetic factors, excessive sunlight, cigarette smoking and not enough sleep. There are a wide range of applications using hyaluronic acid that can counter this. Low-consistency preparations are injected across a larger surface to lift the brow area, to make your eyes larger and brighter again. Volume is injected into dark tear troughs to make them look rested again. Your eyes are clear and open wider. This treatment is ideally suited in combination with fractionated laser therapy (the Fraxel laser/Fraxel CO2 laser).



Stimulation of the natural skin collagen

Our dermal cells produce increasingly less natural hyaluronic acid and collagen fibres with age. The result is dehydration and diminishing cell renewal. The elasticity of the skin decreases, deeper wrinkles “carve” themselves into the face. The fatty tissue of the subcutaneous layer also undergoes changes. Deficits in volume consequently lead to the formation of sunken cheeks.

Radiesse® counteracts this process. In contrast to treatments with hyaluronic acid fillers (see also fillers), it not only effectively eliminates deep wrinkles, but also fills out sunken cheeks.  The special gel matrix in Radiesse® provides an immediately visible effect, while finest calcium microspheres effectuate the targeted stimulation of the skin’s natural collagen production. Facial contours are toned and your skin gains new volume. In a single sitting, the youthful V-form of your face is restored with just a few needle pricks.

Radiesse® is one of the so-called temporary implants. Numerous clinical studies have proven that the body completely eliminates the active substances injected over the course of time. At the same time, Radiesse® stimulates the skin’s natural collagen production. Due to the effectiveness and safety of this treatment, Radiesse® is also one of the few dermal fillers approved for use in the USA.



Anti-ageing through natural production of new collagen

With age, our skin gradually loses its resilience and vitality. This is caused by external influences like UV rays, stress and nicotine as well as internal factors, which include the natural ageing process and genetic predisposition. Natural collagen production decreases. The supporting, elastic fibre net of our connective tissue is subject to tearing, muscle and bone structures change, sagging occurs in the skin. Fatty deposits are repositioned and wander toward the lower half of the face due to gravitational force. The facial proportions change and the once clear, youthfully taut contours become blurred.

Using Sculptra®, this situation is remedied gradually and efficiently. The poly-L lactic acid is injected under the skin and stimulates the production of new collagen. Treatment involves a minimum of three sessions in four-week intervals.  Lost volume is restored and the signs of facial ageing are sustainably corrected. The result lasts for a minimum of two up to four years, after which it is slowly resorbed.

Sculptra® improves the elasticity and density of the tissue and returns the skin to its former firmness. This natural method will bring back your fresh, glowing complexion. Excellent results can also be achieved with the treatment of deep lines in the décolleté area.



Perspiring is a completely normal and necessary bodily function. It serves to cool or regulate body temperature: The higher the outside temperature, the greater the amount of perspiration consequently produced by the body. Even certain situations, like stress or excitement, can induce perspiration.

While higher temperatures naturally cause increased perspiration in most people, there are around 2.5 million individuals in Germany who perspire heavily even on cooler days. These individuals are also prone to sudden perspiration attacks, which involves secreting greater amounts of perspiration as an immediate response to certain circumstances. This can lead to extremely uncomfortable and even embarrassing moments, sometimes even subjecting sufferers to social isolation.

The medical specialists at DERMATOLOGIE des WESTENS can provide a targeted and relatively simple solution to your hyperhidrosis, without the need for surgery. The convenient therapy with botulinum toxin A (more popularly known as Botox® or Dysport®) is an advisable, low-risk option.
Used to reduce wrinkles, the treatment blocks muscle activity; to overcome excessive perspiration, it inhibits production by the sweat glands The result is nearly complete dryness of the treated area for a period of about 5 to 9 months. A subsequent treatment is also possible, which may even lead to a more long-lasting effect.

Pre-treatment with a special cream in the armpit area, makes the procedure nearly pain-free. Patients can return to their daily activities directly following treatment. There are no side effects expected for underarm treatment of hyperhidrosis with Botox.
We treat you with certified products from global market leaders: Botox® and Dysport®.


Botox® (botulinium toxin)

Smoothes wrinkles effectively

Botox® is the name of the medication containing the active substance botulinum toxin type A. This active substance is a biologically generated protein of the clostridium botulinum bacteria and has been successfully used for medical treatments since the 1980s. In recent years, Botox® has been used to reduce wrinkles. Other therapeutic applications include excessive perspiration and migraine headaches.

The specialists at DERMATOLOGIE des WESTENS are experts for the accurate and pain-free injection of Botox® in those muscles that form wrinkles when contracted too severely. The injected medication blocks a messenger substance, which tells the muscle that it should contract. As a result, the treated facial muscles relax. Previously existing wrinkles are smoothed for a period of three to seven months. The most popular areas of application are to counteract frown lines, furrows above the brow, lines around the eyes and drooping at the corners of the mouth.  Botox® is the most effective substance against lines caused by facial expressions. It is gentle, safe and free of side effects. It maintains your natural appearance. Only a few pricks with the needle are necessary for you to look naturally young and fresh again.

The therapy to counteract excessive perspiration is effected by blocking the sweat glands. The effect lasts up to seven months.

For our treatments we use certified products manufactured by global market leaders: Botox®, Azzalure®, Dysport®, Vistabel®

Treatment Procedure

Botox® treatments at DERMATOLOGIE des WESTENS are out-patient treatments and practically painless. They produce predictable results that are visible within two weeks after receiving treatment. Patients do not experience downtimes. They can immediately go about their daily activities. 

Ablauf Ablauf
The substance is injected into the treatment area with a fine needle.

Downtime: Downtime:

Anaesthesia: Anaesthesia:
Not necessary

Effective period: Effective period:
ca. 4 –6 months

Lip filler

Lip Filler

Beautifully full lips with hyaluronic acid

The skin of our lips is very thin and is particularly susceptible to the ageing process due to environmental influences like sun, muscle contractions in the facial area for expression, smoking, etc. Over the course of time, the content of natural hyaluronic acid declines.
At DERMATOLOGIE des WESTENS we restore natural volume and contouring to your lips with special hyaluron compounds. This will restore sensual beauty to your smile.

Treatment Procedure

Treatment usually doesn’t take longer than 30 minutes and is nearly painless. Slight swelling will occur directly following treatment, which must be cooled. Other follow-up care is not necessary. Patients can return to their daily activities after ca. 24 hours.

Procedure Procedure
The filler is injected into the treatment area with a fine needle or a blunt cannula.

Downtime: Downtime:
ca 24 hours

Anaesthesia: Anaesthesia:
Not necessary

Effective period: Effective period:
ca. 6 – 9 months

Volume enhancement (fillers)

Volume Enhancement (Fillers)

Smoothing wrinkles with hyaluronic acid

Nearly all cosmetic companies now offer anti-wrinkle creams containing hyaluronic acid. Their effect in reducing wrinkles is minimal, since they are only externally applied to the skin. Visibly effective results can, in contrast, be achieved with dermal fillers (fillers), which introduce a special soft, yet durable hyaluron gel directly into the skin’s collagen. At DERMATOLOGIE des WESTENS, we use fillers like Sculptra® and Radiesse®, which our specialists inject under the skin with an ultrafine needle to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production. This effectively fills facial lines and naturally enhances volume.

Line fillers simulate the lifting effect provided by natural hyaluronic acid and give your skin resilience and vitality. Depending on the product used and the extent of the treatment, the effect lasts for six to eighteen months.

Primary areas of application are the nasolabial folds (which run from the nasal wing to the corner of the mouth), the frown lines at the bridge of the nose and even the vertical pleating around the lip area (smoker’s lines), the marionette lines (from the corner of the mouth to the jaw line) and crow’s feet (the fine wrinkles around the eyes).

At DERMATOLOGIE des WESTENS you will be treated exclusively with certified products from leading global manufacturers: Restylane® (Galderma), Teosyal R (Teoxane), Belotero® (Merz), Saypha® (Croma) and Juvederm® (Allergan).

Following an individual in-depth consultation that also considers your personal concerns, wishes and the condition and texture of your skin, we will determine which products are most beneficial for you.