Eyelid lift

Correction of droopy eyelids and bags beneath the eyes

The eyes are a deciding factor about whether we consider a face to be youthful and vibrant. Wrinkles, droopy eyelids or puffy bags spoil this impression. We remedy this problem by using the most innovative techniques to remove excess skin and fatty tissue. An eyelid lift restores elasticity to the skin and musculature of the eyelid. Your face has a pleasant, youthful look and the facial structure is more defined. The shape of your eyes and their individual expression are maintained.
The procedure is done as an outpatient treatment, either with local anaesthetic or twilight sleep sedation and patients experience this as relatively painless. Aftereffects, like swelling and discolouring as a result of bruising in the areas below the eye and near the cheek are possible, but subside after two weeks at the latest. You can resume your normal social activities after a brief period and have a positive aura with eyes that sparkle and smile.