Fraxel laser


Skin firming and skin rejuvenation

Fractional laser therapy (using the Fraxel laser / Fraxel-CO2 laser) stimulates mature skin to produce youthful collagens, ultimately restoring lost elasticity and resilience. The skin looks fresher and healthier once more.  The result is visibly improved skin firming and skin rejuvenation. This type of laser treatment can also reduce scars and stretch marks. To achieve an optimal effect, 3-5 laser sessions at intervals of 4 weeks generally produce suitable results. Treatment is painless and there is no need to make changes to your professional responsibilities or social calendar. Depending on the treatment area, you may experience slight swelling for a period of 1-3 days following treatment.

Permanent hair removal


Epilation – highly effective and nearly painless laser treatment

We use the particularly gentle Alexandrit laser for our epilation treatments. This enables nearly painless and permanent hair removal. Undesirable side effects, like spots on the skin, generally do not occur as a result of treatment. The laser sends its light deep down into the hair root. Here it is transformed into heat to cauterize the hair roots. As a result, the roots are no longer able to produce hairs.

Result: A clearly visible effect can be seen after the first treatment. After an average of 5-7 laser treatments, you can expect undesired hair to be permanently removed. Treatment is gentle to surrounding tissue and the top layers of the skin.

We create an individual treatment concept that is right for you, according to your requirements and following a preliminary examination and a personal consultation. Please contact us to make an appointment.

Tattoo removal


The gentle and safe way to get rid of tattoos

Are you considering tattoo removal with laser? Our medical specialists are expert laser therapists and treat tattoos with the Q-switched Nd-YAG- and the Q-switched KTP lasers. During this treatment, the tattoo ink in the skin is destroyed without damaging the surface of the skin. With each treatment, the tattoos become increasingly paler until they finally disappear completely.

Non-professional tattoos are often removed after one to two sessions, while professionally inked tattoos require significantly more laser sessions. Black ink tattoos can be reliably removed while other colours have a higher degree of difficulty. Unfortunately, our technology (still) does not allow us to successfully treat white or very light green tones.

We create an individual treatment concept that is right for you, according to your requirements and following a preliminary examination and a personal consultation. Please contact us to make an appointment.

The treatment costs will be calculated individually according to the current fee scale for medical practitioners in Germany (GOÄ) and presented to you in a previous treatment agreement. Both statutory and private health insurance policies generally do not cover these costs.

Pigment spots and age spots


Painless and permanent removal

They start out like normal freckles. But at some point, these spots that typically appear on the face or the back of the hands give away your age at first glance. In most cases these spots are nothing but harmless pigment densification (so-called Lentigo benigna). Although there are a number of cosmetic camouflage and bleaching creams on the market, these often do not live up to expectations. We treat pigment spots (pigmented lesions) and age spots using state-of-the-art medical laser technology. The laser treatment with the q-switched KTP laser (INTROS laser) is an effective alternative in the treatment of pigment spots and age spots that has minimal side effects. The laser impulses destroy the accumulation of pigment without damaging the skin surface and the spots disappear within a few weeks. The treatment is virtually painless and scar-free.

Rosacea / Couperose


Enlarged facial blood vessels

The ageing process causes some people to develop enlarged blood vessels on their face, neck or décolleté. This damage to the contraction and expansion of the blood vessels is genetic and is usually the result of repeated influences like UV light, heat or cold, but can also become more severe due to acute thermal factors like sunburn or below zero temperatures.

Enlarged blood vessels like rosacea or couperose can be concealed with a green-pigmented camouflage cream or removed using the latest generation diode laser. The laser treatment is virtually painless. The skin will remain reddened for a brief period following treatment. Although crusting may occur occasionally, this can be concealed with makeup and heals in a few days. In rare cases, the treated areas swell slightly. Pronounced conditions require repeated treatments in intervals of two to four weeks.

Even hemangiomas (red spots or lumps on the trunk or extremities of the body), blood blisters on the lips or tiny spider veins, can be optimally treated with the diode laser.

Diode laser treatment (vascular laser)

Vascular lasers are aligned to the wavelength of blood pigment (haemoglobin) and selectively collapse the subcutaneous vascular structures without damaging the outer layers of the skin. The following treatments can be conducted with the vascular laser:

  • Reduction of undesirable facial redness
  • Sclerotherapy of senile angiomas and hemangiomas
  • Rosacea (couperose) on the face

Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkle Treatment

Effective skin rejuvenation – Wrinkle Treatment

Over the years, the skin loses elastic tissue (collagen) and its resilience. Specialists call this elastosis. This is particularly evident on the face and results in the formation of wrinkles, slightly rippled skin texture and a tired-looking facial expression. Highly typical of elastosis are the radial lines that form around the mouth (pleated wrinkles or smoker’s wrinkles).

An effective method for treating lines and wrinkles is fractional laser therapy (using the Fraxel laser / Fraxel-CO2 laser).