Permanent hair removal


Epilation – highly effective and nearly painless laser treatment

We use the particularly gentle Alexandrit laser for our epilation treatments. This enables nearly painless and permanent hair removal. Undesirable side effects, like spots on the skin, generally do not occur as a result of treatment. The laser sends its light deep down into the hair root. Here it is transformed into heat to cauterize the hair roots. As a result, the roots are no longer able to produce hairs.

Result: A clearly visible effect can be seen after the first treatment. After an average of 5-7 laser treatments, you can expect undesired hair to be permanently removed. Treatment is gentle to surrounding tissue and the top layers of the skin.

We create an individual treatment concept that is right for you, according to your requirements and following a preliminary examination and a personal consultation. Please contact us to make an appointment.



Gentle rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and minerals

Mesotherapy combines elements of neural- and pharmaceutical therapies with acupuncture. The gentle method is ideal for rejuvenating facial skin as well as neck, décolleté and hands. Each patient becomes an individual hyaluronic acid-enriched combination of substances comprised of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. Using barely perceptible mini-injections, we administer this unique “cocktail” in those areas where the skin is visibly aged.  This method improves microcirculation of the skin – the supply of nutrients and the removal of waste products. The skin is thereby stimulated to build new collagens. The procedure is virtually painless. To achieve the best possible results, a minimum of three sessions are necessary.

Our professional mesotherapy treatments are completely safe. You can return to your daily business directly following treatment. We recommend combining mesotherapy with other cosmetic treatments, for example peelings. We also create effective combinations of active ingredients to treat hair loss and cellulite.

Your personalised rejuvenation therapy lets you look youthful and rested.