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These are substances for filling gaps left by tissue loss or lack of tissue. These include various hyaluron acid products, polylactic acid, calcium apatite. Substance previously used included collagens from cows and pigs and silicone oil. They are intended for lip enhancement, restoring youthful cheek contours and for softening facial lines.

Is used for the computer-assisted videographic documentation of pigmentations and their analysis and risk evaluation. The FotoFinder is a registered trademark of FotoFinder Systems GmbH.

Fraxel Laser / Fraxel-CO2 Laser (fractional laser therapy)
The Fraxel laser (Fraxel-CO2 laser) penetrates the upper layers of the skin with individual rays of bundled light, thereby causing tiny injury points in the deeper skin layers. The surrounding collagen tissue is stimulated to produce new elastic fibres and stimulation of the upper skin layer prompts regeneration. The skin renews itself from the inside out and looks younger and fresher.