Dr. med. Reinhard Pettker

Dermatologist and Allergologist

Dr. med. Hansjörg

Dermatologist, Venerologist, Allergologist

  • July 2003 Qualification with the additional designation “Allergologist”
  • January 2003 Opened private practice, Carmerstr. 7, 10623 Berlin
  • 2002 Appointed as Specialist for Dermatology and Venerology
  • Residency at the Skin Clinic Heilbronn, academic training hospital at Heidelberg University and at an established dermatological practice
  • Post-graduate studies in the disciplines Anesthesiology and Urology
  • 1996 Doctorate
  • Medical studies in Berlin and in the USA



  • Berlin Chamber of Physicians (ÄKB)
  • Professional Association of German Dermatologists (BVDD)
  • Work Group of Associated Dermatological Institutes (AADI)
  • German Society of Anti Aging Medicine (GSAAM)
  • Work Group Atopic Dermatitis Coaching (AGNES)
  • Psoriasis Network Berlin-Brandenburg (PsoNet)
  • since November 1993 Established Medical Specialist for Dermatology, Venerology, Allergology
  • January 1993 Qualified Medical Specialist for Skin and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Allergology, Certification by the German Medical Association Berlin
  • July 1987 Doctoral Studies at RWTH Technical University Aachen, Prof. Dr. A. Murken
  • 1986-1993 Medical Specialist Training
  • 1st University Dermatology Clinic Vienna, Prof. Dr. K. Wolf
  • Institute for Occupational and Social Medical Allergy Diagnostics at the Westphalian Wilhelm’s
  • University, Bad Salzuflen, Prof.Dr. E. Stresemann
  • 1986-1993 North Sea Clinic Norderney, PD Dr. R. Rudolph
  • FU Berlin Dermatology Clinic, Prof. Dr. Dr. C.E. Orfanos
  • May 1986 License to practice medicine, Hamburg
  • 1978-1986 Studied Human Medicine at Hannover Medical School and the Medical Faculty at the University of Hamburg



  • Professional Association of German Dermatologists (BVDD)
  • Laser Surgery Quality Circle
  • Dermatology Quality Circle Berlin
  • DGDA Deutsche Gesellschaft für Dermatochirurgie und Ästhetik e.V.
  • AK AIDS – Resident Doctors’ AIDS Work Group Association Berlin
  • Berlin Chamber of Physicians (ÄKB)