Rosacea / Couperose


Enlarged facial blood vessels

The ageing process causes some people to develop enlarged blood vessels on their face, neck or décolleté. This damage to the contraction and expansion of the blood vessels is genetic and is usually the result of repeated influences like UV light, heat or cold, but can also become more severe due to acute thermal factors like sunburn or below zero temperatures.

Enlarged blood vessels like rosacea or couperose can be concealed with a green-pigmented camouflage cream or removed using the latest generation diode laser. The laser treatment is virtually painless. The skin will remain reddened for a brief period following treatment. Although crusting may occur occasionally, this can be concealed with makeup and heals in a few days. In rare cases, the treated areas swell slightly. Pronounced conditions require repeated treatments in intervals of two to four weeks.

Even hemangiomas (red spots or lumps on the trunk or extremities of the body), blood blisters on the lips or tiny spider veins, can be optimally treated with the diode laser.

Diode laser treatment (vascular laser)

Vascular lasers are aligned to the wavelength of blood pigment (haemoglobin) and selectively collapse the subcutaneous vascular structures without damaging the outer layers of the skin. The following treatments can be conducted with the vascular laser:

  • Reduction of undesirable facial redness
  • Sclerotherapy of senile angiomas and hemangiomas
  • Rosacea (couperose) on the face