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This is the most frequent skin disorder afflicting adolescents and young adults. The increased activity of the sebaceous glands creates blackheads, nodules and pus-filled pimples or abscesses. Acne starts during puberty and usually stops when patients are in their thirties. Consistent treatment often helps prevent consequent damage like scarring.

Actinic Keratoses
Also known as light or sun keratosis. Usually rough or crusty changes in the skin on areas that are chronically exposed to the sun, like forehead, back of the hands and lower arms. They are considered a pre-stage of skin cancer and are also referred to as carcinoma in situ (encapsulated carcinoma) of the skin.

Aesthetic Dermatology
The science of dermatological treatments, not prescribed to remedy diseases. These include reconstructive treatments like for scar reduction, lip enhancement or to eliminate expression lines with Botox.

Alexandrit Laser
The long-pulse Alexandrit laser, with a wavelength of 755nm, is the “gold standard” of permanent hair removal for skin types 1-4. Not to be confused with the ultra-short pulse Alexandrit laser that is used for the removal of green and blue tattoos.

The medical science of allergic diseases. Severe illnesses like bronchial asthma can be prevented with the correct diagnosis (allergy diagnostics).

Extreme reaction of the immune system towards exogenous environmental substances. Typical symptoms are hay fever, burning and itchy eyes and, in the worst case, asthma.

Athlete’s Foot
Athlete’s foot is an infection of the area between the toes, caused by filamentous fungi. In Germany, it is the most frequently occurring fungal infection. It is generally transmitted from person to person via tiny skin particles that every individual loses daily. Symptoms are redness, scaling, itching and oozing. A hot and humid environment promotes the outbreak of the disease. The condition is treated with a cream that has an anti-fungal ingredient.