PDO thread lift

Thread lifting with PDO stitching (polydioxanone)

With age, our skin gradually loses its resilience. Depending on the progression of the skin’s ageing, the lack of dermal elasticity can lead to prominent wrinkles. A thread lift is especially recommended when the complexion displays overall slack, but there is not so much excessive skin. The thread lift method effectively firms skin and tissue to reliably soften the impact of gravity as a result of aged skin. New collagen fibres develop in the area surrounding the inserted thread. As a result, skin elasticity is increased. Wrinkles are smoothed and the complexion is tauter. The overall effect is completely natural: the thread itself does not firm the skin, but rather merely triggers the lifting effect by stimulating cell growth.

Treatment Procedure

Thread lifting is a minimally invasive procedure. It does not require making incisions, which are necessary for a traditional face lift. During treatment, fine threads are placed underneath the skin. This is done by inserting a very fine needle beneath the surface of the skin, in which the thread is located. Once the thread is anchored at the far end, the needle is removed. The PDO threads are completely reabsorbed after about 6-8 months. The treatment result lasts ca. 12 months.

Downtime: Downtime:
Anaesthesia: Anaesthesia:
Effective period: Effective period:
ca. 4 –6 months