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There are 4 names in this directory beginning with the letter L.
Lachrymal Sacks
Swelling of the fatty tissue below the eye socket, often in combination with age-related loosening of the skin. Lachrymal sacks are an aesthetic problem and not a disease.

Is an acronym and stands for: Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation, a physics term. In medical practice, there are a wide range of laser systems. Lasers are particularly applied in aesthetic and cosmetic dermatology to remove tattoos, epilation or treat couperose.

Liver Spot
Designates a pigmented mark on the skin. It can be a birthmark or occur later in life. It has its name from the liver-like brown colour.

Lymph Drainage
Lymph drainage is generally a manual treatment to open the lymph channels. These are tiny, vein-like structures that transport water and waste products from the skin and hypodermis into the bloodstream. Malfunctions in the lymph flow can be hereditary or are frequently the result of many inflammatory conditions of the skin like rosacea (couperose).